Stain Resistant Carpet

Learn about what makes stain resistant the best choice for active homes!

The best type of carpet is always stain resistant

Remember how grandma used to say “no use in crying over spilled milk”? What about red wine on your light-colored carpet? Lucky for you, a good stain resistant carpet can handle most of life’s spills and messes. 

What makes a carpet stain resistant? In most cases, carpeting that is labeled as strain resistant has a chemical coating embedded into the fibers that give it the ability to repel dirt or liquid. 

No longer will your nightmares include images of spilled wine, coffee, or pasta sauce. Stain resistance is not a universal quality. Some fibers are naturally stain resistant such as polyester and olefin. Olefin is moisture wicking and can dry quickly when wet. Nylon and wool carpets tend to be more stain-prone. 

Some manufacturers coat their carpet with a stain resistant treatment, and most with often include a form of warranty along with the product. It depends on the manufacturer, but stain resistance will either be applied to only the fiber tips, or it may cover the whole fiber and the backing. 

A carpet that actually resists stains is the best stain resistant carpet. When you’re replacing the carpet in your home you need to consider materials that fit the way you live. If you have kids or pets or like to have guests over often, your best bet is to get a polyester carpet that is characteristically stain resistant.

There are even brands, such as Stainmaster, that will treat the carpets with a coating that resists pet’s messes from seeping through the carpet and backing onto the padding and subfloor.

Videos and Tips

Learn how to care for your stain resistant carpet


Learn about what makes Stainmaster one of the most durable stain resistant carpet by watching this video about everyday pet messes and how Stainmaster PetProtect carpet stands up to the challenge. 

If you have touch messes you need to clean up but have no idea where to begin, check out our page on stain cleaning tips We'll show you videos and give you step by step instruction on how to get out stains and messes such as melted popsicles to pet accidents. Be sure to download the Stain First AID app and never have to worry about how to take care of a stain again.