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Living room with brown couch and two chairs, beige carpet

Carpet in Opelousas, LA

Carpet is a floor that’s soft on the feet and easy on the eyes. Offering up color, texture, and cushioning, carpet has looks to satisfy every budget and style.



We carry a full range of residential and commercial carpet at B & S Carpet One Floor & Home of Opelousas, LA. We’re here to help you navigate the world of carpet with perfect results for every installation.



We proudly serve clients throughout Southern Louisiana, offering professional carpet installation, carpet for your stairs, and even custom area rugs.


Best Types of Carpet


When it comes to carpet, you have a variety of choices available to you.



  • Frieze carpet has a casual appearance and soft feel with its long and fuzzy fibers.
  • Loop carpet has a low profile due to smaller fibers that are looped when woven, resulting in a low profile.
  • Cut pile carpet is thicker and softer than other varieties, thanks to supple fibers that are hooped and then trimmed down.
  • Textured carpet is woven out of uneven fibers and has a rougher feel.



How do you find the right balance between performance and style? The most important thing you need to do is choose the right type of carpet fibers. Carpet fibers, also called carpet pile, can be synthetic or natural.



  • Nylon is a popular fiber that is known for its durability. It must be treated to make it stain-resistant.
  • Polyester is like a cousin to nylon, and it is a less costly option. As technology advances, so does the durability of polyester.
  • Olefin is a synthetic fiber that holds color and vibrancy. It is often used in Berber carpets.
  • Triexta is a new fiber on the market. It is naturally stain-resistant which makes it unique.
  • Wool is a natural fiber that is eco-friendly. It increases energy efficiency in homes by keeping spaces warm.



Where Can I Install Carpet?


Carpet is a smart choice for a wide range of residential and commercial spaces.



Some of our favorite spaces for carpet installation include:



  • Bedrooms
  • Dens
  • Living Rooms
  • Hallways
  • Stairs
  • Basements
  • Children’s Playrooms
  • Offices
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Corporate Settings
  • Retail Shops
  • Family Rooms



Our stain, wear and fade resistant carpets can be installed in places around your home that experience traffic like stairs, hallways, and even children’s playrooms and basements. We even offer waterproof carpets: ideal for parents, pet owners, and basements. Choose your carpet type carefully. 



Should I Install My Own Carpet?


We don’t recommend installing your own carpet!



The truth is that our installation team spends hours, weeks, months, and years honing their skills. Carpet installation is no simple job! It involves perfect measuring, careful cleaning and subfloor levelling, and hours of backbreaking labor.



Don’t worry: our team of professionals will help you from product selection all the way through carpet installation.



As your neighborhood experts, we provide various premium services to make sure you make the perfect choice for your commercial or residential setting. We'll help you sort through the different carpet options, compare prominent features and styles, and we'll even come to you for an in-home consultation for your next installation.



What Are Carpet Remnants?


Carpet remnants are any piece or roll of carpet that is sold at a discount.



Carpet remnants are left over after an installation is completed. Most carpet remnants come from high-end wool broadloom rolls. Because of this, we never know what patterns, colors, or sizes will be available. We also have remnants from other carpet types like nylon, or stain resistant carpet.



Carpet remnants can be customized for shape, size, and fabrication. Often, we have enough to floor a small room, or bind into an area rug. Other uses of carpet remnants include floor mats in front of entryways, rugs to put under your pets’ crates, or squares to hang on the walls of your garage to stop from banging your doors against the wall.



Visit our showroom to check out what we have. We don’t always have the same carpet remnant styles, so inventory can change on a weekly basis.



Shop for Carpet Near You in Opelousas, LA



At B & S Carpet One Floor & Home, our tradition of better flooring solutions makes us a preferred destination for better carpet. We’re proud members of the leading independent flooring cooperative, which lets us stay close to our local roots while bringing YOU incredible variety and value.



We have the best residential and commercial carpet brands at the best prices, along with top-notch installation services.



To learn more or browse our carpet displays, please visit us soon at 914 Creswell Lane in Opelousas, LA, or check out selection online.

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Living room with brown chair, ottoman, and dresser with beige carpet
Living room with fireplace and brown couch, beige carpet

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